09/20 Ryan’s “Summer Hump Day” Wednesday Forecast

Your hump day forecast hasn’t changed much through the week, so expect more hot & humid afternoons with a few scattered showers. This trend will continue for the foreseeable future, but we do start seeing some drier air and clearer skies moving in by next “hump day.” Overall though the temperature will only change a degree or two each day depending on cloud cover, and the highest chance of rain (40%) occurs at the end of the weekend on Sunday.

Hurricane Maria moved through Puerto Rico today, and was as destructive as we thought it would be. Interaction with the mountainous terrain has weakened the storm from a strong Category 4 to a Category 2, but the environment remains conducive for tropical development so it should regain “major” status by tomorrow. The current path brings it the the Southeastern corner of the Bahamas, so hurricane warnings have been issued for those areas. Otherwise there is only a 4% chance it will affect land again, and only if the forecast shifts significantly Westward.

Jose will remain off-shore, but tropical storm force winds extend outward almost 200 miles, so coastal areas from Rhode Island to Cape Cod will see potential heavy rains, damaging winds, and increased tide swells/surf. 2-4 inches of rain can fall in these areas over the next few days, which is a lot for them, and could lead to flash flooding as well. Should become a remnant low by 72-96 hours.

The remnants of Tropical Depression Lee are currently in an area with hostile tropical conditions. These conditions do improve over the weekend, though its forecast path should keep it moving North into the open Atlantic.

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