09/01 Ryan’s “Dry Weekend” Friday Forecast

Now that Harvey has moved on we can finally enjoy a dry weekend! Temperatures from Saturday through Monday are expected to remain in the upper 80s and low 90s, with manageable heat indices thanks to lower overall humidity. The timing on these conditions couldn’t have been more perfect, since Monday is Labor Day and many people have a three day weekend. By Tuesday, we’ll see a cold front making its way down from the Northwest, and we can expect showers and thunderstorms into Wednesday. After that, expect almost completely clear skies and some drastically cooler evenings.

We’re still watching the tropics intently. Harvey’s reign may be over, but Irma is already a Major Hurricane and could strengthen even more in the coming days, though it’s likely to take a little longer due to eyewall replacement. This means that stronger rain bands formed into an “outer eye” and is choking off the initial, “inner” eye. The most recent forecasts have it moving Northwest right before landfall near the Lesser Antilles, so hopefully that holds and spares those islands a direct hit.

Otherwise there is another disturbed area just off the West Coast of Africa that has a significant (60%) chance of forming into our next tropical system (Jose) by the beginning of the week.

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