09/29 Ryan’s “Fall Weather” Tuesday Evening Forecast

We had a taste of it last week, but a longer stretch of amazing fall weather is moving in. We may have started the day with a little cloud cover, but it moved out quickly and isn’t in a hurry to return. That means clear skies into tonight, with a pleasantly cool low near 54 and calm winds. It’ll warm up tomorrow afternoon, but only up to about 77 degrees in Gulfport. Skies will remain clear, but winds will shift southerly in the afternoon leading to gradually increasing humidity.

It won’t get to rise too much before another front moves through, bringing no rain and sparse cloud cover, but even drier, cooler air.

This will happen between Thursday and Friday, and will guarantee a “perfect” fall weekend. Highs will fall into the mid 70s during this time, only rising into the low 80s again by the middle of next week.

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