09/07 Ryan’s “Short-Term Rain” Tuesday Evening Forecast

Rain tonight and tomorrow, but a nice dry period is moving in for the weekend.

We have more rain ahead for the short-term, but a cold front will bring drier, less humid weather for the weekend. Probably more prudent to call it a “tepid” front since there won’t be much cooling, but it will make things considerably drier. Focusing on the short-term though things won’t change much.

Expect to see more rain tomorrow than the last few days as a nearby tropical disturbance brings just a bit more moisture into the Northern Gulf.

I’m still only expecting 50% coverage, but it could even be as low as 30% if the disturbance isn’t as robust as expected.  Regardless, a cold front moves in overnight on Wednesday and will push any lingering moisture out of the area. It’ll only drop temperatures slightly below average for a day, but will keep clouds from forming for the weekend. That means we’ll see sunny skies and low humidity through Sunday, but afternoon rain chances rise again by the start of the next work week.