08/29 Ryan’s “Katrina Anniversary” Monday Forecast

It’s been 11 years since Hurricane Katrina and worries were high on the Gulf Coast as those memories began to surface right around the time a potential tropical system moved into the Gulf. Now, things are looking a little better. Model consensus on Tropical depression nine has it going more Northeast and crossing Florida, giving us a glancing bump in cloudiness Wednesday & Thursday. However, that is simply the most likely scenario and there is still a smaller chance that it could move further West, so we’ll continue to watch it’s development and advise accordingly.

Locally, I’m expecting a much drier week. We’ll still see some afternoon showers and t-storms but overall the next few days will be much sunnier, meaning we’ll see temperatures approaching the mid 90s as we head into the weekend.

P.S. We’d had some video issues throughout the day and I had to step off camera for much of this broadcast. I’m sorry if that ruined your news experience, but we’ll get it taken care of as soon as possible.

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