08/26 Ryan’s “Dry Friday” Forecast

As promised, it was about as dry a Friday afternoon as it could possibly be. We did have one shower that popped up and made it’s way Northwestward across the 6 coastal counties, but only dropped trace amounts of rain. Tomorrow and the rest of the weekend is expected to be rainier, with afternoon storms popping up during the hottest parts of the afternoon.

As far as the tropics goes, mid and upper level wind shear is keeping Invest 99 and TS Gaston from strengthening, and the tropical models are pushing Invest 99 further into the Gulf where it will begin to gain some steam. There is still considerable uncertainty in model agreement, with many pushing more towards the Houston area, and others heading either to South MS/AL/FL or even up the East Coast. We’ll know more about its final strength and path midway through next week. In conclusion, there is a chance we could see a tropical event (as well as an equal chance that we don’t), but we still have time to prepare. If you haven’t yet finished your family’s Hurricane Evacuation plan, you can find some great resources here.

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