08/21 Ryan’s “Eclipse Day” Monday Forecast

This afternoon’s eclipse took most of today’s weather and science headlines, but things’ll get back to normal quickly. The earlier showers and thunderstorms have since dried out, but expect the cloud cover to linger through the night and into tomorrow. I expect to see weather similar to this afternoon all week long, but rain chances will increase slightly in the middle of the week and again on the weekend. Otherwise, expect temperatures to vary only slightly, remaining in the low 90s through most of the week, and dropping into the upper 80s on the rainy days.

The tropics have quieted some from last week, but we remain in their peak time for the Atlantic season. Tropical Storm Harvey dissipated into a remnant low, but is expected to re-form after its passage across the Yucatan and into the Bay of Campeche. This system still has little to no chance of directly impacting South MS weather. Disturbance 2 is broad and loosely organized, but has a 40% chance of forming into a tropical system by Wednesday afternoon. It is currently in the Bahamas, moving slowly Northwestward, and will likely bring heavy rains to both the Central Bahamas and Eastern parts of Florida regardless of formation.

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