08/16 Ryan’s “Finally Drier” Wednesday Forecast

High pressure began to strengthen in the area today, and is already bringing considerably drier conditions to a soggy South Mississippi. As the surface high pressure and upper level ridge continue to slide in overhead, expect few clouds, more sun, and almost no rain. I say almost because while it will be considerably drier, there’s still a chance it could get warm enough in the afternoon to overcome what we call “convective inhibition,” and a shower or two could occur during the latter parts of the afternoon. Still, for all the “when will the rain stop” & “when will we see the sun again” questions I’ve taken over the last few months, I can finally say “the sun will come out…tomorrow” so get out there and drink it in! That said, there will still be some moderate or higher levels of humidity, so the heat index will easily clear the triple digits, and will likely exceed 106 in many coastal locations. So while you’re out enjoying what I’m expecting will be one of a few much nicer days, please do so responsibly and monitor your exposure to the heat.

The tropics are really warming up! Today, Gert became our first Category 2 hurricane, but will begin weakening rather rapidly in the coming days as it moves over much colder waters. There are now three more disturbances all making their way Westward, but have yet to reach the Lesser Antilles. The two closest have greater than a 60% chance of becoming our next tropical systems.

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