08/03 “Not So Rainy” Thursday Forecast

It didn’t end up being as rainy as I expected it to be this afternoon, mostly due to dry air that moved in from the upper levels, but the rain is still coming. There still were some rainy areas inland today. Most of the Gulf Coast saw a trace at least, but one area in particular near Bogalusa saw between 1 and 2 inches, though most of the rainfall occurred over the Sound. I expect this weakening boundary to move a little further inland than it did today, and the drier air will be harder to come by so showers will be much more likely. Even though there is a boundary in the area, these showers and storms will be heavily dependent on daytime heating for energy, so expect the strength to wane in the cooler evenings. This trend lasts through Sunday, then weakens considerably, but continues through the work week with much more sun and drier air expected.

Two disturbances are still being tracked in the tropics, one of which has an 80% chance of forming by the beginning of next week. The closer one only has a 40% chance within 5 days, but is considerably closer. We’ll continue to monitor both.

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