08/28 Ryan’s “Cold Front” Wednesday Forecast

You may not have realized because it didn’t rain as much as it should have, but a cold front moved through today. Because of this we’ll see some notable changes over the next few days as well as a few more subtle ones. The most obvious change will be the clear, sunny skies we’ll see through the weekend.

In fact, it’ll likely be Saturday before you see any significant cloud cover, and rain chances are basically zero.

A few changes that won’t be all that obvious will be the temperature and humidity. It will get cooler, but only by two to three degrees into the high 80s. It will get drier, but only barely. Thankfully, these small changes translate into big changes when it comes to the heat index. Today’s indices ranged from 100-110 across South MS, but the weekend’s will top out closer to 95.

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