08/21 Ryan’s “Cool Front” Tuesday Evening Forecast

Due to the fact we’ll only see a slight dip in the temperature over the next few days, I’m calling tonight’s front a “cool front.”

What it’s lacking in cooler temperatures; this front more than makes up for in drier air. That means the next few days will be rain-free, sunny, and hot.

The temperatures will hold steady in the low-to-mid 90s like they have, but gone are the afternoon sea breeze thunderstorms. This new dry and sunny pattern lingers for a few days, so thankfully the beautiful weather isn’t in any hurry to leave. We will start seeing the small chance of a few afternoon showers inching upwards by Friday and Saturday, but it won’t be until Sunday before we’ll see any significant rain. It doesn’t last long though, so after a rainy start next week things get right back to a much more “typical” summertime pattern.

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