07/31 Ryan’s “Pleasantly Dry” Monday Afternoon Forecast

What a pleasantly dry & sunny start to the week! Last weekend’s front moved through on Saturday night without much fanfare, but did bring slightly cooler and much drier conditions. Incidentally, the front also swept up an area of low pressure, which after being brought out into the Gulf became Tropical Storm Emily overnight! This has little to no local impact, and after today’s landfall and weakening, Emily is expected to re-form and head into the Atlantic without much incident.

Locally, we’ll see another dry and sunny day tomorrow as the ridge axis moves further East, but expect a slight increase in temperature. The humidity will begin to increase again as we head through Wednesday, but it won’t be until Thursday that we’ll see any real significant increases in moisture. It looks like a stationary/weak warm front will set up over the coastline around this time, and will bring likely chances of showers and thunderstorms through the rest of the weekend before another front moves in from the North, washes out, and dries up. We’ll begin next week a little warmer and more cloudy than this one began.

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