07/24 Ryan’s “Monsoon” Monday Afternoon Forecast

We ended up with a few dry days before last week ended, but made up for it with this afternoon’s “monsoon” continuations. Just within the last 6 hours, every inch of the Gulf Coast has seen at least trace amounts of rain while parts of Stone County are showing estimates as high as 8.5 inches. This afternoon’s showers and t-storms dissipated quickly between 5-6 PM, but more are expected overnight and there will likely be areas of flash flooding. Low-lying coastal locations and areas with poor drainage issues should watch for and avoid standing water, but significant river flooding is not expected.

By Wednesday, high pressure will move in and we’ll see a few drier & sunnier days as we approach the weekend. This will bring some dangerously high heat indices to the area, so precaution will need to be taken from Wednesday through Friday. A cold front is expected by Saturday which will bring relatively cooler temperatures and drier air, but I’m only expecting to fall into the low 90s for a few days.

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