07/03 Ryan’s “Pre-Fourth” Wednesday Forecast

Today’s weather certainly didn’t hinder anyone’s pre-fourth preparations today as we enjoyed nothing but sunshine and blue skies. Expect more of the same going forward as well!

Rain chances remain low, around 10-20%, each afternoon for the next week.

That means we’ll see some activity each afternoon, but that it will be few and far between, short-lived, and weak. So, the main issue with this week’s forecast will once again be the heat. Afternoon highs will rise into the mid 90s, meaning heat indices will climb into the 100-110 degree range in South MS. Prolonged exposure to these conditions can be dangerous, so practice “sun safety” while enjoying yourself this holiday.

Remember to stay hydrated, wear light, loose-fitting clothes, seek shade regularly, and take regular break from the elements.

Lastly, don’t drink and drive, drink and boat, or blow any limbs off with irresponsible firework usage. Otherwise, enjoy your freedom and the sunny weather!

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