06/23 Ryan’s “Post-Cindy” Friday Forecast

Tropical Depression Cindy has moved further inland (currently in Central Kentucky), but we can begin our post-Cindy life very soon. Tonight though we will see one last round of Cindy associated moisture, bringing showers and thunderstorms to the six coastal county area. The showers will lessen a bit tomorrow night, but more are expected Saturday & Sunday as the frontal boundary that absorbed Cindy will begin pushing into the area, then stall overhead. Thankfully, that’s where the bad news ends.

As Monday rolls around, we’ll begin seeing slightly drier air moving in from the North along with an area of high pressure. This will allow the skies to open up, bringing out the sun for the first time in a while for South MS. Evening temperatures will drop into the low 70s for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but the humidity won’t stay gone for long as increased cloud cover and chances of afternoon showers begin moving in just before the weekend.

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