06/23 Ryan’s “Calm & Clearing” Wednesday Night Forecast

We still saw a few afternoon thunderstorms, but drier mid-level air kept them from lingering for long. That’s a trend I expect to continue for the next few afternoons, limiting evening activity and cloud cover. That means you can expect drier and drier days ahead, but even on Saturday at its driest we’ll still see about a 10% chance.

Those lower rain chances will stick around through the weekend, but we will begin to see them bumping back up by the start of next week.

That doesn’t mean too much though, since as we head deeper into summer we’ll see a small chance of activity nearly every day through early fall. If any pockets of heavy rain do pop up over the next few days, they may complicate lingering small scale flooding issues, but even those situations will begin to improve by the end of the week.