06/21 Ryan’s “Still Raining” Monday Night Forecast

The rain keeps coming.

Tropical Storm Claudette started the weekend off, and even after it has moved on we’re left with more rain. Flooding issues abound across South MS as the scattered showers and thunderstorms have lingered. One area of Harrison County near d’Iberville even saw upwards of 6″ of rain in just a few hours.

Sadly, this trend will likely continue as spotty activity will continue through the night and into tomorrow afternoon as a front closes in.

This front doesn’t look as if it will ever pass through, but instead stalls and transitions into a warm front. That means instead of passing through, we’ll see a few more days of disorganized weather.

By the end of the week through it will begin to clear up.

By Friday I’m expecting mostly sunny skies, but still a chance of a shower or two. Even over the weekend, which will be the driest, still has a small chance of an isolated afternoon shower. Our cooler highs will be gone by then too, so expect high 80s and low 90s to return along with our ridiculous humidity.