05/04 Ryan’s “Wet, Rainy” Tuesday Night Forecast

Main line of storms is through, but rainy weather will persist through the night and into tomorrow. There’s still a chance of severe weather through the night, but it has fallen considerably from earlier. Expect another cloudy, warm night ahead with at least a few foggy areas as things slowly clear. Low will linger in the low 70s, but cooler nights are ahead.

Tomorrow afternoon will start cloudy, but will clear into the night in addition to being the coolest day of the week at 78 degrees.

After that conditions improve considerably, they just won’t be all that much cooler during the day. Nights will be though, falling into the upper 50s as we head into the weekend before the humidity rises. This pattern will bring us our first completely sunny weekend in quite some time, so I hope everyone is able to get out and take advantage of it.

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