04/08 – Rob Knight’s “Warm” Wednesday Morning Forecast

High pressure will maintain its hold over the northeastern Gulf of Mexico throughout today before a cold front advances towards the region by early Thursday morning. While some isolated, light showers are possible this morning, most areas will stay dry. Also seeing some slight reductions in visibility from surface stations across our area as patchy fog develops. This fog will dissipate by mid-morning.

The weak surface high axis off the east coast of Florida has subtly pressed west into the eastern Gulf, combined with a recent weak warm frontal passage has allowed for more moisture to flow into the region. Many locations have seen a significant increase in dewpoints and will notice a summer-like early morning feel to the air with plenty of dew to go around.

Hight temperatures will be warmer than yesterday with most areas getting into the mid 80s, but with the added humidity, it may feel like it is closer to 90 degrees.

The next rain mass will head our way late Thursday evening into Thursday night/Friday morning. Pretty much all of our land areas will be in a much cooler, post-frontal airmass with the cold front slowing down and stalling just along the Southeast Louisiana coastline. With this rain, areas along and south of I-10 may see some stronger thunderstorms in the area that becomes warm sectored.

Over the weekend the Storm Prediction Center did in fact add our area in a Day 5 outlook, and mention the potential for a “substantial severe thunderstorm event.” Look for more details as we get closer and the forecast changes, but getting the word out is the main focus at this point in time.

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