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4/19 – Rob Knight’s Easter Weekend Forecast

Clouds continue to linger as wrap-around moisture is still in the area in the wake of last night's system...

3/30 – Rob Knight’s Easter Weekend Forecast

After patchy fog and mid-level clouds earlier this morning, partly cloudy skies continue as temps warming into the 70s...

03/29 Ryan’s “Clearing” Thursday Night Forecast

Today's severe weather didn't quite pan out, but we still saw a few inches of rain across the Coast. Great weather moving in though....

03/29 Ryan’s “Not So Severe” Thursday Evening Forecast

The severe threat today didn't pan out in South MS, but we still saw plenty of rain. Clearer skies are ahead though....

4/14 – Rob Knight’s “Easter Weekend” Forecast

After a humid start with areas of PATCHY FOG, warming temps has decreased humidity along with partly cloudy skies...

4/14 – Rob’s “Good Friday” Morning Forecast

As moisture flow returns to the region, "Good Friday" morning has brought areas of patchy FOG the the viewing area...