04/07 Ryan’s “Muggy” Tuesday Evening Forecast

More muggy conditions expected tonight, with an even warmer high in the low 70s. That’s due to a weak warm front that moved through earlier today, bringing warm, moist air but not much rain. Rainfall totals were sparse, but a few areas did pick up trace amounts today.

Tomorrow will continue the warming trend with an afternoon high rising into the mid 80s.

Cloud cover will thin enough to let some sun through during the afternoon, but comes right back as we head into Thursday. That’s thanks to a cold front that’ll pass through Thursday evening, bringing cooler and drier air. Highs will fall about ten degrees while lows will be closer to twenty, but the clouds never go far.

Another frontal system develops on the tail end of Thursday’s front, and rushes towards South MS.

We’ll see a warm front pass by Saturday evening, and a cold front closing in by Sunday. This thankfully will bring sunny weather back by Monday.

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