04/02 Ryan’s “Low Humidity” Tuesday Forecast

The sun was out today and the humidity was about as low as I’ve ever seen in South MS. Tomorrow’s weather will be nice as well, but the humidity and cloud cover will begin creeping upwards as a front moves in. This system’s warm front swings through early Thursday morning, increasing the instability and moisture content. Showers will begin by 10 PM with thunderstorms much more likely after noon.

This system currently carries a “marginal” risk for severe weather for that time period, but the “slight” risk is just northwest of us and could move closer.

We’ll be doing our regular weekday newscasts when the “worst” seems to be moving in so we’ll be able to update you quickly. Unfortunately, this front never really passes through. Expect it to eject to the northeast, trailing a developing warm front across the area for Saturday and Sunday. The cold front itself finally passes through by Tuesday morning, which will bring an end to our long cloudy, rainy period.

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