03/29 Ryan’s “Inconsistent Clouds” Friday Forecast

Cloud cover has been inconsistent for the last day or so leading to periods of mostly clear, then mostly cloudy skies. This continues through the night with cloud cover building through the evening only to thin in the early morning hours.

This means the first half of Saturday won’t be too bad, averaging mostly sunny, but clouds in the second half will thicken considerably ahead of an overnight front.

This front will bring showers and the low chance of a thunderstorm to South MS from midnight until around 8 in the morning. At that point the rain will have moved on but cloud cover will linger for the rest of the day. It will slowly clear into Monday though, and sunny skies return for the rest of the week. It’s only by Thursday/Friday that we begin to see cloud cover gathering again, and it’ll bring a moderate chance of showers as well.

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