03/26 Ryan’s “Welcome Back” Monday Forecast

Baby-cation is over, mom and son are fine, so it’s time to get back to the forecast! It’s been sunny, dry, and mostly clear nearly every day, but clouds have moved in quickly and it’ll remain warm and humid for the next several days. While it looks like it could rain at any moment, short of very few isolated showers I don’t expect to see any significant weather until Thursday afternoon. That’s when the next frontal system will be moving into the Southeast after having lingered in the plains states and crawling a little closer each day. Until the front passes through, which looks like it’ll happen early Friday morning, the local weather will remain warm, humid, and see increasing winds from the South as the pressure gradient tightens. The Storm Prediction Center has not yet issued an official severe weather designation, it looks as though we could see at least a slight threat Thursday afternoon based on Wednesday’s forecast. Regardless, we will certainly see heavy rains, lightning, and gusty/potentially damaging winds as the storms roll in throughout the night. I’m expecting clearing as early as Good Friday afternoon, and we’re in for a slightly cooler, but much drier Easter weekend!

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