03/25 Ryan’s “Better” Wednesday Evening Forecast

A few aspects of the weather are a little better than they’ve been, but not much will change this week. We will see a cooler night tonight though, low down to near 62 in Gulfport, but the afternoon high for tomorrow will only fall a degree or so. From there the temperature will begin to work its way up again, rising back into the mid 80s by Saturday.

That’s when we see our next front pushing in which will bring showers and much cooler, drier air.

Expect nights to fall into the low 60s again, with highs dipping into the upper 70s for Sunday and Monday. This cooler spell doesn’t last long as the front that just passed through will pull another boundary through between Tuesday and Wednesday. This low appears to originate in the Gulf, so it won’t make things much cooler or drier.

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