03/12 Ryan’s “Grey, But Dry” Tuesday Evening Forecast

Skies were grey again today, but at least it’s still dry.

We won’t see any rain tonight either, but scattered showers will begin popping up late tomorrow and continue into Thursday.

That’s when we’re expecting the next front to move through, which currently brings a “marginal” risk of severe weather to most of the area. The Southern end of this front doesn’t seem very well put together on the models, so severe weather isn’t looking likely but it’s something we’ll continue to monitor.

This front will begin to drag as it moves in so we’ll be feeling its effects into Friday afternoon.

We’ll begin clearing quickly after that and even cool considerably into the weekend. Expect mostly sunny days with highs in the low-to-mid 60s by Saturday, and they’ll continue into the middle of next week. Nights will be a bit chilly though, mostly clear and chilly in the 40s

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