03/12 “Clear & Calmer” Ryan’s Monday Night Forecast

It’s still a windy afternoon in South Mississippi after our stormy start to the week and those Northern winds will continue to bring cool and dry air to the Gulf Coast, but it’ll be a bit calmer tonight. Today and tomorrow will remain about the same, sunny and dry with temperatures in the mid 60s, but the wind will be much weaker for the rest of the week. Temperatures begin to rise by Thursday as the high pressure center closes in on the Southeast, and by that evening it will have shifted to the East setting up return flow. Southerly winds will drastically increase our nighttime temperatures between Wednesday night and Thursday night, and we’ll have warmed into the 70s by Friday afternoon. We’ll see increasing cloud cover and a few spotty showers popping up through St. Patrick’s Day weekend as warm, unstable air continues to flow into South MS, but at this point nothing more organized is expected. The clouds will clear some by Sunday, but daytime highs will have risen nearly to 80 degrees by then and we’re primed for another front to move through soon thereafter.

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