02/21 Ryan’s “Still Foggy” Thursday Evening Forecast

Rainfall is patchy across South MS and even the cloud cover thinned at times, but the one constant all week long is it’s still foggy. A warm front moved across the area bringing little rain, but the fog has lingered on the coastline all day long.

Dense Fog advisories have been issued for all coastal counties until 9 AM and for George and Stone counties until noon.

This fog will retreat some as the afternoon warms tomorrow but will sit just offshore until it begins to move back in by the evening. It’s not all bad news though because we will finally see a significant amount of sun by the start of next week. This will be due to high pressure moving in on the back of a cold front which will bring  more organized rain and a chance of thunderstorms.

Saturday’s system also has a “marginal” risk of severe weather for South Mississippi, with “slight” and “enhanced” areas in North Mississippi.

We’ll keep an eye on this developing situation as it moves closer and advise as needed. After the front, Sunday and Monday will be considerably more sunny and slightly cooler, but still well above the seasonal average. It doesn’t last long though, so expect another round of showers to move in as early as Tuesday.

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