02/16 Ryan’s “Foggy Again” Sunday Night Forecast

Edit: Issue with video capture system, so no forecast video. Only text.

After a much drier and more sunny weekend, it’s getting foggy again in South Mississippi. In fact, we’ll see a nearly identical pattern compared to last week. Clouds are once again building in Sunday night, and won’t leave until just before the weekend. Expect tonight’s low to linger in the mid 50s, with calm winds and dense coastal fog. Inland areas will also see fog, but only locally dense and patchy.

Expect a big jump in temperatures heading into tomorrow afternoon, high climbing into the upper 60s as warm, moist air moves in behind tonight’s warm front.

This places us in the “warm sector” of the approaching frontal system, which means it’ll remain cloudy, warm, and humid until things change. That won’t happen significantly until this coming Thursday, so expect off-and-on rain, likely fog, and grey skies from now until Thursday morning. Which means that, once again, things are clearing up just in time for a sunny, drier weekend.

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