02/03 Ryan’s “Less Perfect” Monday Evening Forecast

It’s hard to watch the weather become slightly less perfect after such a gorgeous weekend, but clouds are now moving in. That’s all we’ll see for the the next several hours, but rain isn’t far behind. Expect tonight to be considerably warmer than it was last night, low near 61, with rain beginning around sunrise.

Scattered showers will continue off-and-on for most of tomorrow, with grey skies and a warm high near 68.

Just expect showers for tomorrow and most of Wednesday, but thunderstorms, potentially strong ones, move in soon after. Currently the Storm Prediction Center has South Mississippi under a “slight” risk for Wednesday, but that could increase or decrease as the system develops. As always, stay tuned to WXXV News 25 for the latest. Showers and thunderstorms will linger into Thursday, but appear to be clearing out for another beautiful weekend ahead.

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