01/16 Ryan’s “Winter Weather” Tuesday Forecast

I’m much more convinced today than I was yesterday that some form of winter weather will be experienced by almost all of South Mississippi over the next 5-6 hours. Areas of Pearl River County already have confirmed snow flurries, and it’s just getting started. Upper level winds have a slight southerly component, which is providing the moisture needed for the snow/sleet mix, but as the snow band hits the six coastal county area it seems the moisture content lowers significantly. Most models having it hitting the area as a nice organized band, but then becomes ragged as it swings through meaning the actual weather will be patchy and dissipating just before midnight. Regardless of what winter weather you do or don’t see directly over your head over the next few hours, all of us will feel the brutal, biting cold as the temperature plummets and the wind increases during the early morning hours. Expect wind chills on the waterfront to max out near 13 degrees, while inland areas will feel like the single digits. A Hard Freeze Warning is in effect, and precautions should be taken to protect the Four “Ps” (People, Pets, Pipes, and Plants). The cold snap does last through Wednesday and into Thursday, but we’ll see rapid warming after with temperatures climbing to just South of 70 by Sunday.

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