01/05 Ryan’s “Winter Weather?” Thursday Night Forecast

The start of Winter may have been over two weeks ago, but we’ll finally be feeling and possibly seeing some wintry weather this weekend. Showers have already begun across South MS, moving from West to East, and will continue to increase in strength and frequency through the evening. The low pressure center nearby will strengthen due to upper level features tomorrow, but the stronger storms will remain over the Gulf. What we’ll see is the rain caused by isentropic lift of warmer/more moist air over the front and above relatively cooler and more dense air. As this layer cools, it will condense and lead to stratoform rain which will interact with the freezing temperatures to create all forms of winter weather over the SE. I don’t expect to see any of that below I-10, but the Pearl River, Stone, and George counties will experience a small amount of sleet and freezing rain while snow will remain further North. At this point, it looks like the dry air will rush into the area right as the frozen chances reach South MS, so timing will be critical. Regardless of what does or does not fall already frozen, wet roads, trees, overpasses, and grass will begin to freeze creating icy issues Saturday morning. Temperatures rise above freezing for the afternoon, but prepare for an even colder Saturday night.

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