01/31 Ryan’s “Chilly Change” Sunday Night Forecast

Big change from the last few nights after this morning’s front brought cooler, drier air. “Cooler” may even be an understatement, as it’ll feel downright frigid early tomorrow morning. Expect an air temperature in the upper 30s, but it’ll feel more like 30 degrees after factoring the 10-15 mph northwesterly wind.

It won’t even warm much as the sun comes out tomorrow, so expect a cool high near 53 that’ll feel more like 43.

Thankfully, we will warm each day for the rest of the week, but it’ll take a few days to get back to average. By Thursday our lows and highs will jump by about 10 degrees from where they were the night before as our next front moves in. Expect this to bring rain and possible thunderstorms Friday night/Saturday morning, but we’ll be clearing and cooling again by next Sunday.

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