01/30 Ryan’s “Super Blue Blood Moon” Tuesday Forecast

If you can manage to stay up into the early morning hours you’ll catch the very rare Super Blue Blood Moon, a combination of three lunar phenomenon. A super moon means the full moon occurs when it is closest to the Earth, also known as the moon’s perigee, appearing up to 14% larger in the sky and 30% brighter. A blue moon, as in the phrase “once in a blue moon,” occurs during the second full moon in a calendar month. A blood moon occurs when the moon takes on a reddish orange tint during a total lunar eclipse, as the light the moon is reflecting is being filtered through the Earth’s atmosphere. Back to the weather: this afternoon was significantly clear and cooler than yesterday, and the same can be said for tonight though it won’t feel as cold thanks to the lower winds. Our cooling trend will end tonight, and over the next few days we’ll warm rapidly (near 70 by Thursday) as southerly winds increase our humidity. This means fog will likely be an issue Wednesday night and Thursday morning, but a weak front moving through will push most of the moisture out of the area by the beginning of the weekend, yet another front will arrive by Sunday bringing a more significant chance of organized rain and thunderstorms. Severe weather is expected with neither system just yet, but rain chances and overall moisture will fluctuate wildly over the next four days. After Sunday’s front we’ll see at least mostly sunny skies and much less active weather, but we’ll remain in the low 60s and slowly inching upwards towards the middle of the week.

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