01/24 Ryan’s “Nearly Frozen” Thursday Evening Forecast

The rain and clouds are gone and colder air is moving in bringing nearly frozen conditions to South MS for the rest of the week. I say nearly frozen in regards to the waterfront areas only, because it will definitely fall below 32 degrees inland over the next few nights.

That means our current pattern of cool and sunny afternoons, and clear and chilly nights will continue for the rest of the week and the weekend.

Temperatures will slowly begin to moderate, but will only rise as far as 64 degrees by next Monday, while still remaining relatively dry. This may seem like a return to the “spring-like” weather we’ve seen in recent weeks, but another front moves through by Tuesday bringing a few showers and another blast of cooling, drying air. So the warmest night we’ll see over the next week will be Monday and only rise to 47 degrees, but will immediately drop to below freezing the very next day.

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