01/13 Ryan’s “Misty” Monday Evening Forecast

Misty might not quite be the word to use as it will only get more humid heading into tonight. The temperature and sky condition won’t change much from what we saw through the afternoon, but another degree or two of cooling will change the fog from patchy to dense.

This fog will last long into the morning, especially on the waterfront.

Even if it does clear up some by the afternoon, it will only return through the night as the warm, moist, and calm weather lasts through Wednesday. By Thursday, a cold front will finally bring some cooler and drier air, but not for very long. Almost as soon as the front is through, it will begin to transition to a warm front and moving northward again. That means we’ll see a couple of degrees worth of cooling Friday, but by Saturday another frontal system arrives with likely showers return with more warm, moist air.

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