01/07 Ryan’s “Cold, Windy” Thursday Night Forecast

We’re in for a long streak of considerably colder than average temperatures after this morning’s windy, wet front. The changes won’t be too noticeable initially as the cloud cover will linger into tomorrow morning, but the temperature has already begun to fall. It’ll get down into the low 40s tonight, but it’ll feel more like the low 30s with our 10-15 mph wind.

Tomorrow afternoon will start on the cloudy side, but will clear nicely on the back end of the day.

This won’t do anything to warm us significantly though, so expect a cool low near 52 with a light northerly breeze. Things start to get out of hand over the weekend. Saturday and Sunday particular will fall to or below freezing, with the former dipping into the upper 20s in many areas. Sunday night will actually begin to warm, but only because of an approaching frontal system, and the timing/setup could bring wintry precipitation early Monday morning. We’ll continue to update you on this situation as it develops further.

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