01/04 Ryan’s “Up & Down” Monday Night Forecast

Things are going to be a little up and down over the last few hours. Our temperature has actually been climbing as we’ve progressed through the evening as a front approaches. This front won’t bring rain, or even cloud cover, just a wind shift to the north later as it passes.

So even though things are over 15 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago right now, I expect we’ll end up only a handful warmer as things cool again.

So despite being 57 degrees in Gulfport at 11 at night, I expect to be closer to 42 by sunrise. Tomorrow afternoon won’t cool significantly either, remaining in the low-to-mid 60s with sunny skies. It won’t change too much in either direction until Wednesday night/Thursday morning, when our next, more substantial front moves in. This one brings the low possibility of thunderstorms, and much cooler air. That means expect another dip into the 30s as we finish off the week!

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