Wicker, Hyde-Smith support confirmation of Ozerden

Today, U.S. Senators Roger Wicker and Cindy Hyde-Smith recommended the confirmation of U.S. District Court Judge Sul Ozerden of Gulfport to serve on the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the fifth circuit.

Wicker and Hyde-Smith introduced Ozerden at a Senate Judiciary Committee Confirmation hearing today. President Trump nominated him in June.

The Senate confirmed Ozerden to his current position unanimously in 2007. On the U.S. District Court, he has authored more than 1,000 judicial opinions and has previously sat by designation on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals which covers the states of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.

In his remarks to the committee, Wicker pointed to the experiences Judge Ozerden will draw as a jurist. Senator Wicker said, “When President Trump announced Judge Ozerden’s nomination, I stated that his judicial and academic achievements alone qualify him for this position, but his good character and experience as a Navy fighter pilot and record of volunteerism and community involvement also are exemplary.”

Hyde-Smith highlighted Ozerden’s experience and good reputation built on ‘his prudence, fair mindedness, leadership, and knowledge of the law.’ She says, “Judge Ozerden has impeccable credentials and it is clear he is very well qualified by ability, education, and experience to serve as an appellate judge.”

Hyde-Smith goes on to say, “I am proud of the recommendation of Senator Wicker, the late Senator Cochran, and President Trump have made to the Senate and I urge the judiciary committee to approve this nomination.”

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