What’s Going on with the Galleria in D’Iberville?

A sign on Interstate 10 marks an exit for Galleria Parkway, but there is no galleria yet. A grand opening for the Gulf Coast Galleria Shopping Center in D’Iberville was once expected for 2015. What’s happened since then and is this project even still moving forward?
After decades of research, years of planning, and several setbacks, officials are still confident that the Gulf Coast Galleria Shopping Center project in D’Iberville is moving forward, despite frustration with early developers. Ward 4 Councilman Robby Ellis said, “RAMCO’s really done their due diligence in making sure that they have a solid partner because of how devastating it was when the initial partner, CBL, I’ll be honest, were pretty snaky in the way that they handled things and eventually didn’t follow through with their end of the bargain which set the whole project back almost three years.”
It was back to the drawing board for property owner Bob Mandal as the search for a new development partner began. Currently they are in talks with one company trying to keep this project that’s expected to bring thousands of new jobs and millions of dollars of tax revenue on a roll. “This solid partner that hasn’t been publicly announced. It’s just one of those things that you don’t want to announce it until you know everything is set in stone, but he said that they definitely have a development partner and they’re in basically in the stages of just getting everything moving,” said Ellis.
While the entry way doesn’t lead to anything right now, they’re pretty confident that eventually it will lead to dozens of brand new stores for the state of Mississippi. D’Iberville Mayor Rusty Quave said, “There’s an excess of money here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It’s about $500 million that leaves Mississippi and goes to New Orleans or Mobile and shops because of the variety of stores that they have over there that you can’t find here in Mississippi. What’s exciting about this project is that there are over 65 stores that have never been in the state of Mississippi and these are big name stores.”
As for when we can expect construction: “It’s going to take two years to build. In order to qualify for this tourism rebate we’re going to have to get it started before 2019. I’m thinking early 2018, maybe towards the end of 2017 this thing can get started,” said Mayor Quave.
Construction of the new GMC and BMW dealerships on the old Ocean Expo site are scheduled to begin by the end of this year.

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