Web Cam Based Health Care at USM Gulf Park Campus

Students, faculty, and staff at the University of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Park campus can now access primary health care from physicians at the Hattiesburg campus through a web-based camera connection.
A nurse in the office with the patient initiates the telehealth webcam connection. A physician is then able to see and speak with a patient about their symptoms through the computer. Networked otoscopes and stethoscopes on the telehealth unit provide needed information that the physician can use to form a diagnosis and establish the best course of treatment.
Megan Jernigan, a registered nurse at the Gulf Park campus, said, “Last year we were only open one day a week. This year, with the release of telehealth, we have moved to being open four days a week. This allows our students to see a physician regularly, we can do follow up visits. We can do diagnostics. We can do anything that a normal physician would do, so this opens up a lot of opportunities for our students here.”
USM is the first university in Mississippi to use telehealth to provide primary care.

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