Warriors for a Little Girl Named Willow

An Ocean Springs family is rallying around their little girl as she fights for her life against a rare disease. They are now calling on the community for support. A band of warriors is answering that call to help three-year-old Willow fight the war she is facing.
A battle for life is this three-year-old super girls’ fight, up against an extremely rare disease called Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency. Willow’s mother, Amber Olsen, says Willow is one of less than 40 known patients with it in the world.
After doctors diagnosed her daughter Willow with MSD, Ocean Springs resident Amber Olsen says her world turned upside down, facing the fact that Willow’s father and two other sisters may not be able to see her grow up. “There isn’t any known treatment so no drug or any process that’s going to help her currently.”
Desperate to help Willow, Olsen and her husband created Warriors for Willow, a nonprofit organization gathering funding towards finding a cure for a disease that affects a young child’s body almost like Alzheimer’s. That’s the way a local member of the nonprofit described it to the Biloxi Rotary Club. “What’s going to happen is her whole body is going to start to shut down very slowly. She’s not going to be able to walk, talk, or eat.”
Over the holidays, Willow’s health took another downturn. Now she is really struggling to maintain her balance. Jocelyn M. with Gulf Coast Rehab Inc. said, “Her core is the biggest thing we are focusing on right now because it impacts not only her ability to walk and balance, but it impacts her hand function.”
Even without a current cure for her daughter’s disease, Amber Olsen still sees a glimpse of hope. “Although her disease is ultra-rare it is tied to six other diseases in the same family, so there’s potential that if we find a cure we can affect hundreds of other kids that are sick, too.”
To see how you can help Willow and others with MSD log onto www.warriorsforwillow.com.

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