Veterans Breakfast at Gautier High School

Hundreds of veterans were at Gautier High School this morning for the 17th annual Veterans Day Breakfast.
There were moments of celebration, silence, and all around respect for the veterans who served our country from the 1940s all the way to the 2000s. Gautier High School senior Kaitlyn Cowan said, “They’re really thankful for even the smallest things and even just saying thank you for your service just brightens their day, you can tell.”
Gautier High School senior Cameron Keys said, “It’s just a fun time because you think about it, they did all of this for us and we weren’t even here.”
Students at Gautier High School welcomed hundreds of service men and women to the 17th annual Veterans Day Breakfast. Although veterans were shown an outpouring of support at the school, some say when they originally came home from serving, there was no one to welcome them with open arms. Sergeant First Class Paul Norvel said, “In ’67, ’68, ’70, ’71, we come back to nothing. We went over there with nothing and come back to nothing and this is a good way to help bridge the gap.”
Many students and veterans agree their favorite part of the ceremony is walking into a packed auditorium while students chant USA and wave the American flag. U.S. Army Specialist Kayla Sheetz said, “It sends chill bumps down my spine just to know that, to have that energy that they have, it’s an experience I look forward to every year.”
It’s a feeling hundreds of veterans experienced Monday morning while beaming with pride, but also remembering those who are not in attendance after they paid the ultimate sacrifice.

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