Veterans Affairs health care open house

Today, veterans receiving health care services from the Biloxi VA Medical Center had an opportunity to weigh in on many of the services that the Gulf Coast VA Health Care System provides.
At an open house Q&A event, representatives from the Biloxi National Cemetary and the VA Regional Benefits Office in Jackson were on hand to answer questions about burial benefits, disability claims, and other VA service provisions.
There are over a half a million veterans eligible to receive care from the VA Health Care System in the Gulf Coast region alone. Interim Medical Center Director Christopher Saslo said, “A quarter of a million of those are actually in the Gulf Coast area that are eligible for access to care, but of those only about 70,000 receive care from the VA Gulf Coast. We’re hoping to make sure that anybody else that has questions or issues or has a misunderstanding about what Gulf Coast can provide them, we’re giving them some additional opportunities.”
Officials tell News 25 these open houses take place at different VA centers throughout the region once every two months.

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