Unity Walk Aims for Togetherness

While tensions remain high and some communities remain divided across the nation, one group on the Gulf Coast is working to promote togetherness.
Friday everyone from community members, law enforcement to elected officials will come together as one in a march towards unity. News 25’s Kristen Durand shows us how you can get involved.
“It all starts with us. Unity, no coincidence, starts with the letter U.” This is a peaceful message Tabari Daniels is sending out across the airwaves and beyond, hoping to cut through all the chaos and violence trying to take a chokehold on our nation. “In our community, specifically here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, we don’t have to be on edge. We’re working together. We’re cooperating with police, law enforcement, our community or first responders, our military.”
Tabari talks the talk and walks the walk, along with his brother Michael Daniels who also runs the radio station JZ 94.5. It’s a message they and the station plan to take to the streets in a walk of unity on Friday. Michael said, “We want to bring everyone together. Know your neighbor, know your police officers, know your city council person, know people that are actually going to represent you and who you elect into office. I think this is the start.”
The walk will launch at Jones Park in Gulfport at 4 p.m. and will wind up at the Gulfport Police Department, but people from across South Mississippi will be pounding the pavement with this message of peace and unity.
They want to be clear, this is not a protest, but it is actually the opposite. Michael said, “We’re proud of the Gulf Coast. We’re proud of our area. Now it’s time to sharpen that knife and kind of make it even better. What can I do to make my own neighborhood better? What can I do to make my own city and my county better?”

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