U.S. Navy Secretary Speaks at Ingalls

Today, Naval Secretary Ray Mabus stopped by Ingalls Shipyard in Pascagoula to address hundreds of shipbuilders.
Mabus tells News 25 he is in the process of visiting several American shipyards to thank those that have allowed him to commission more ships for the Navy in his time as secretary than the last three combined.
Mabus says that although he will leave the position soon, he is satisfied with where the Navy is, but that the future secretary and all secretaries after must maintain the standard which he set while serving the United States military. “It takes a long time to build a fleet. You can’t do it overnight. That’s why, going forward, the next administration and the administration after that has got to keep this building pace up or we will see the fleet start to shrink again. You’ve got to do it year after year, but they’ve got a great base to start with now.”
Mabus also served as the 60th governor of the state of Mississippi.

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