U.S. District Judge dismisses State Flag case in Ocean Springs

A United States District Court judge has dismissed a lawsuit against the City of Ocean Springs’ decision to fly the state flag on municipal properties, based on what the court has deemed a ‘lack of subject matter jurisdiction.’

The lawsuit was filed in April on behalf of the Mississippi Rising Coalition and several members of the community. In court documents, Judge Louis Guirola points out that a plaintiff must be harmed, directly or indirectly, by discriminatory housing practices to seek legal action under the Fair Housing Act.

Today, News 25 spoke with Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson about the court’s decision to dismiss the lawsuit. “I knew one hundred percent that the city didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, this group of extremists knew that their lawsuit would fail, but they filed it anyway because they wanted to bully the residents into paying for this frivolous lawsuit. We’ve been focusing on the real issues going on in Ocean Springs from the beginning so where we go from here is the same place we’ve always been.”

Mayor Dobson made the decision to return the state flag to City Hall after his election last July. City leaders then passed a resolution in November requiring the flag to be flown at all municipal buildings.

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