Two Gautier business owners work together for success

On this final day of February and Black History Month, we are spotlight two black-owned businesses that work together to sell their products.

Delorise Nettles, the owner of Heavenly House of Coffee, has been working with Katrina Currie, the owner of I am Candy and Things, since last summer.

Nettles allows Currie to cook and bag her candies in her kitchen and then sell them in her coffee shop.

Nettles opened up her coffee shop in Gautier in 2005. With support from many around her, she felt that it was only right to do the same for Currie. Nettles said, “Being able to help Katrina and provide a need for my customers because my customers love pralines, but I wasn’t able to meet that need. Partnering with Katrina was able to help me meet the need of the customers and that’s what it’s about, meeting the need. If we can do it through Delo’s, I want to do it.”

Currie said, ‘To establish ourselves in the community, not just as African Americans, but just going throughout the community, having a business that the products are great and we’re doing things in excellence. So, it helps build our community as well as everything else.”

Nettles says her secret to overcoming adversity as an African American business owner is to ‘press and pray.’

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