Turkey Creek landmark to be restored

A National Park Service grant for nearly half a million dollars has been set aside for the restoration of the old Phoenix Naval Stores in the Gulfport community of Turkey Creek.
Located on Creosote Road, the naval stores, or ‘Yaryan’ office building, has been a deteriorating and often condemned eyesore throughout the years.
During the timber boom in the 1900s, the office employed many African Americans from the surrounding community. In 1943, an explosion occurred at the plant, killing 11 workers.
This led to the plant shutting down and the offices being closed. Gulfport Councilwoman Ella Holmes-Hines said, “We have to tell everybody’s story and this is one of those stories that Turkey Creek has been so viable in that it’s older than Gulfport itself. That’s what’s really important, that we can save the viableness of those homes.”
The Phoenix Naval Stores office building is one of ten properties listed among the Mississippi Places of Peril, ranking as one of the most important endangered properties in the state.

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