Traveling Gospel Tent Revival

A traveling gospel tent revival has made its way to Gulfport and everyone is invited to come be a part of it.
You may have seen a big blue and white tent on the corner of Dedeaux Road and Three Rivers Road. Tonight, Brother Jason Kendrick will be under that tent along with old fashioned singing, banjos and guitars, spreading the word of the Bible. Brother Kendrick and his family travel all over the country with the gospel tent and his mission to serve God in the field of evangelism. Everyone is invited, there is no cost and it continues at 6:30 tonight.
Temple Baptist church assistant Pastor Johnny Crane said, “It is old school, it’s called an old fashion tent revival. It’s the way they used to start churches. It’s the way our church was started 42 years ago. Somebody came and brought a tent and after the tent revival, people that were saved, the people that came in, formed Temple Baptist Church. So, we’re just trying to go back to this old path, the old way and try not only to build our church but let the community know what’s been done for them.”
Brother Jason Kendrick will continue with the Gulfport Gospel Tent Revival throughout the rest of the week. Services take place from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. and the public is invited to attend.

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